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Fat Loss Supplement Program



I was blessed with some excess cash and decided to use it on Biotest supplements from various training protocols I have had success with. I am down from 340 to 295 in last 8 months doing variations of the Roman Fitness 25day fat loss diet.

My goal is to drop from 6'3' 295 with 22%BF to 255 at 10%BF. I was a Big Ten linebacker and am need to hit it hard to get my body to respond!

Training--I am doing 20min of Tabata + 15min Running Man Sprint workout + 15min cardio at 125HR in the morning and then strength circuits of no more than 250 total reps at night (ex. A1-20x powerlift, A2-20x horizontal press, A3-20x horizontal pull + A4-abs mo more than 30sec rest) Also, once a week I will do a MAG-10 pulse fast with NC workouts.

Nutrition-less than 100 carbs a day ALL consumed w/in 45min of training and 250-275g of protein with fats coming from supplements and lean cuts of meat.

Supplements-Receptormax, FA3, Flameout, MAG-10, Anaconda, HOT-ROX, PowerDrive, ZMA, AlphaMale, Z-12 from Biotest plus Reseratrol, CLA and D3.

Question 1) Is there any supplements I should try to take together and/or try not to take together? A lot of them say "empty stomach" or "30 mins before workout" and "with food"; but I want to make sure nothing is countering anything else.

Question 2) Any suggestions/changes to the protocol?

open to comments from other forum readers...