Fat Loss Supp w/ Alcohol Questiion

Hey guys im on this fat loss pill (obviously while dieting and exercising) and its been going real well so far. It’s been a week almost and today im planning on cheating. It’s my friends 21st birthdya and my cheat meal is going to be at his bday.

My question is, since I took 2 pills already today…is it ok to drink alcohol? there is no warning on the label saying no alcohol consumption with it. Do you guys think itll be ok?? is it ok with HOT-ROX too?

oh sorry by the way the fat loss supp is called Recreate

I doubt that alcohol will cause any problems with ReCreate, although I wasn’t able to find any list of ingredients for that supplement. I’ve had alcohol when using HOT-ROX before without problems… well except the obvious stopping of fat loss. That’s probably the worst side effect of mixing the two - it’s counterproductive in the long run, but for one night you should be fine.

youll get drunk quicker than normal. thats for sure.