fat loss strategy

trying to stay super ripped while working long days modelling and generally eating low carb to stay dry and under maintenance except for days I train with weights (full body 2x week). the remaining days I usually do two cardio sessions, am and pm, swim and run. currently ive been experimenting with hot rox 2caps per day with 200mg caffeine and ec stack before training. a lot of times the stacks overlap and I just add 24mg eph with my hot rox and caffeine. I am super shredded and dry and vascular at all times which is great for all the body work I do. I feel like I have intuitively nailed my conditioning after years of trial and error. after searching the engine for the safety and efficacy of this regimen my results are inconclusive. please opine or comment if you have a useful comment. hot rox are my security blanket but at half the dose, are they doing much good. ec is necessary sometimes for energy.i could just save the rox for breaks off the ec.dont have the supply for indefinate full dose of rox. Representing t-nation in Milan.meanest, leanest, strongest sonofabitch out here. Grow is saving my life as well although the tuna is top shelf. god bless tmag biotest and the nation for helping me get to where I am today.

Hey, there, Dr.P. You’re right that Hot-Rox and ECA were not meant to be used together. But sometimes I do exactly what you’re doing (in reverse). I’ll take ECA in the morning and a dose of Hot-Rox in the evening. But the two doses are well separated; i.e., greater than 6-8 hours

It’s not something I’d recommend, but if you’re doing well with your current regimen, I wouldn’t worry about it.