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Fat Loss Stalling


I guess I might as well make one of these for myself.

First off I like to say thank you for even looking in here and any input and or opinions are welcome.
Now that I'm done being gay on to the dilemma.
It seems as though I'm starting to stall out on fat loss (if that's even possible for a fat bastard)

Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
weight: 165 lb
Pictures coming
Current diet breakdown is

09.00-18.00: about 3 protein "pulses" consisting of either whey in water or hydrolyzed collagen (tastes horrible). This comes out to roughly 120-145 grams of protein.

20.30/21.00: gym time consisting of roughly 2 hours.

23.00: vegetables of some sort (unmeasured), some lean protein (enough to get me about 30-40 grams), carbs (either white rice or tortilla, and for the wild days grilled cheese sandwich.) The vegetables and protein are usually cooked in coconut oil.

Daily macros:
Protein: at least 150
Caarbs: around 150
Fats: around 50ish

Gym routine
Day 1: Lower
Day 2:
Day 3: Upper
Day 4:
Day 5: Lower
Day 6: Upper
Day 7:

And 2 days of energy systems work thrown of the "off" days.

Should I be doing Protein + Fats and then Protein + Carbs or is my "Carb refeed" to big or do I need to split macros evenly . . . what am I missing here?



Firstly, are you 100% sure those are the macros you are getting? I don't understand how you are getting 50g fat from cooking in coconut oil

Secondly, what weight are you? Cause if you are a "fat bastard" as you describe your calories seem way too low.

Thirdly, what are you feeling like with what you are having? Shitty, hungry or ok? How long you been dieting for what has the progress been like so far?

Personally I would dingy the protein pules, decide a sensible calorie intake and split the macros evenly between whatever amount of meals fits best to your schedule. All this is hard to really put input on without knowing your weight and how fat you really are.


I'm using about 2-3 Tablespoons of coconut oil depending on what vegetables are being cooked. 1 tablespoon being about 15 grams of fat, so that is about 30-45 grams of fat in coconut oil + 3-4 grams of fat via fish oil.

Sorry I didn't put that in the OP, I'm about 165 lb and 5'6"

I feel fine with this way of eating. I haven't really been "dieting" I look at this as a lifestyle, and this has been going on for 5 months. I initially saw my top 2 abs showing a little though they were still blury.

If I had to say I would say definitely 15%+ in body fat, I know that doesn't say much.
I tried splitting the macros evenly into 4 meals but I hated it. I just can't do half a cup to 3/4 of a cup of rice at one sitting. I don't feel full at all. I get hungry after maybe an hour or so, and its not like I'm even full in the first place.







More pics are coming as soon as I can get this thing to work.


Just curious, why is fat loss your primary goal? I want to be nice, but I don't think there's a way to dance around the fact that you don't look like you lift. Your join date is 2009 and you have nearly 500 posts. What have you been doing for the last 4 years? What was your starting point?

Everyone has different priorities, to each his own, but if your 'cut' is for aesthetics (hard to imagine what other reason you would have, unless you run marathons or something), I reaaaaally think you should reconsider. I think your body image may be a bit distorted if you consider yourself a 'fat bastard'. You're not that. You're skinny-fat.


I agree with Flip on this one. You are not fat at all, but you also don't have any muscle mass to speak of. You need a solid program and you need to execute it consistantly for several months. Your whole body will change, drastically if you put the effort in at the gym.


OP, Westside for Skinny Bastards, google it. It's free, report back in 6 months.


Make that three..........
What is your current strength level......
O.H. Press?


Thank god for common sense.

Good post.


Well, maybe the comments helped. What is the goal?

I suspect youre complicating things and maybe need to take a step back

I'd feel like suggesting old fashioned whole foods with plenty of greens and maybe some compound exercises and maybe some circuit training a couple of days a week too, just to set some strength and fitness goals and let the rest follow, but ut has ti be up to you


Just a note...but just using this poster as an example...this is why telling people to shoot for a body fat percentage instead of working on their development overall can be a mistake.

This guy may get a high reading....but he will make better progress in the long run almost no matter his goals if he worked on actually building some real muscle for a while.


Thanks for that, Yeah I know I look as if I don't lift.
I am currently working with a coach so my goals are pretty well prioritized. It's a strength oriented program with special emphasis on my crappy shoulders and my other nagging areas.
My starting point was . . . well I came across this site because I had some minor shoulder pain when benching (yes the ususally.)
In the past 4 years, if I remember correctly I did westside for skinny bastards, then 5/3/1 with the BBB template for 8 months (got great results size wise with it) and then after that some kind of strength program and then was in a motor vehicle accident which had me banged up for a few months, discovered I had a partial torn shoulder and was in rehab for about 6 months, and have been working with the coach since last fall.

As far as my "cut" I guess you can say its for aesthetics, sure why not any other reason next to that will look stupid really.
I know I might have come off as having a distorted image of myself but yes I AM skinny fat.


For sure. I think one thing that people forget is that body fat % and body fat as an absolute are two very different things. If this guy added lean muscle mass, and retained exactly the same amount of fat, that percentage would be down. And he would look better/leaner. A 'cut' is not necessary if he has any desire to be muscular. Using myself as an example, there's a decent chance I'm holding as much total fat weight as he is, or at least something in the same ballpark.



Bottom line...keep dieting if your plan is to look really really bad.


Who gives a shit if you "don't have enough muscle to bother cutting", really. If you aren't comfortable with popping your shirt off now, you might as well get that part outta the way early so that the subsequent muscle building process will be psychologically more tolerable.


How do I define strength?
I do not squat, have not in a long time
Floor press 185x6
Chin up 3RM body weight plus 50 lbs, seated cable row 120lbsx3x10 with a 2 second hold,
a few months ago I pulled a 445 conventional DL twice with 10 seconds between the 2 pulls
Haven't done any overhead pressing since . . . back in the day


So...what do you do for legs....and shoulders?...and chest??...and back??


I'm glad I can be an example.