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A question about weight loss.

I am just finishing an 8 week cycle of Methoxy 7 and T2 Pro. My stats are 226 with bf at 23.1 My diet is at 2350 cals with 245g protein, 245g carbs, 42g fat. Thus far I have lost 16.5 lb with 1.5 lb being lean body mass and 15 lb of fat mass.

My question is this. Given the caloric deficit, Is the 1.5 lb of lean body mass a given cost of being on a diet or have others dropped fat successfully while retaining all lean body mass?

That is , is it a cost of doing business or is there a better way?

What if I add 25 g of protein? Too many variables?

nope it’s a side effect. Most people usually drop about 1lbs of LBM with every 3lbs. of fat lost, depending on how lean the person is already and also on how low cals are. So, you actually did pretty darn well with only loosing 1 and some lbs. of muscle with 15lbs. of fat. Try eating less CHO and more fat for an even quicker way of shedding fat.

Da Boxer

That is an awesome ratio of fat loss to lbm loss. It happens when you diet without androgens and it seems like you’re doing fine.

Actually that 1.5 lbs lean body mass could just as easily be water weight. Those results are very good.