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Fat Loss Stack

I recently started a fat loss stack with T2 Pro and Methoxy 7. I am doing cardio 4 days a week and lifting 3 days. My diet is @2300 cal with 225 g protein, 225 g carbs and 45 g fat. What should I expect in the next 60 days?

–still in Dawg School.

Hi, Atreides. There’s no telling. It depends on whether you’re above maintenance calories or below maintenance calories. And then it depends on how much above or below you are. If you were 10 calories below maintenance, it would take you 350 days to lose a pound.

If you’re asking us to predict how much weight you should expect to lose, there’s no way we can do that. Too many variables.

My caloric count for maintenance is @ 3100. I agree there are too many variables to predict weigth loss. I am more interested in comments from those who may have taken this stack in the past. A more direct question, related to Methoxy 7, which boasts a gain in lean muscle mass. Given the caloric deficit, but the high protein count; can I expect a gain in lean muscle or am I more likely to simply keep what I have?

I would suspect that you could maintain current lean muscle mass w/o any gains. Methoxy 7 has been working for me (7 weeks in) but it has been primarily a “hardener”. My muscles feel fuller and harder but I have gained no weight as far as lean muscle tissue is concerned.
P.S.~ I am currently following the t-dawg 2.0
If you’re looking to boost lean mass, I would go with Mag 10 as that has done wonders for me.
Good luck!

Atreides, I would expect that you would hold on to most of your LBM. If you are smart about your diet (and workout and cardio and post-recovery issues), you’ll lose very little. If you’re not so smart, you’ll lose more than “a little.” It’s just the nature of dieting.