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Fat Loss Split - Amended Version



I wonder, given your ‘7 best methods for fat loss’ how one could incorporate some of these methods into this weekly split?:


Monday - on - EMOM sets (2 exercise pairings 3-5 reps - start at 14 mins)
Tuesday - on - Various carries, sled drags and fat rope pulls etc (complexes)
Wed - off
Thursday - on - Upper/Lower alternating sets
Friday - off
Sat - on - Elimination Circuit With Climbing Reps
Sun - off



Just because I mention 7 dfferent methods doesn’t mean that you need to use them all at the same time, or even two different ones.They are only tools at your disposal. Too many people try to create “the best program” by using a little bit of everything, it doesn’t work like that. Focus on few things that you do very well, with 100% effort and dedication and when you need to switch to something else you’ll have a wide array of methods to choose from.


Understood, thank you for your reply

FOR ME, keeping training interesting and engaging via various methods makes fat loss more (and I use the word loosely) fun and makes me more likely to make progress and generally feel better mentally.

Hence the eclectic mix - helps me stay motivated



Thank you for being honest… that is likely the only reason why I would accept such variety