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Fat Loss Question


Two weeks ago today I started out on a quest for fat loss. Im following the suggestions from "The Five Principles of Radical Fatloss":


Anyway, here's the stats: 6' starting weight ~205, estimated BF% of 15%. I based my calculations off of 200lb, which seems to be my set point. This gave me a calorie macro breakdown of:

Fat: 156g
Total calories:2700

What do you guys things of this. The first week, almost the first two days I went down to 198-200. Im assuming water weight. At the end of the second week Im still at 198. SHould I just chill out and give it some time? or make adjustments?

Im also following almost exactly the sample workout he has on that article, only Im following a 4 day split instead of three. I can go into detail about the individual workouts if you guys think that will help.



Before anyone asks, here are my meals/snack breakdowns for the day:

half scoop ON protein in water
4 eggs
1 chicken breast
4 hard boiled eggs
1 burger

3 servings of almonds throughout the day as needed
2.5 servings of peanutbutter as needed (these are both to hold me over between meals)

Pre/post WO carbs
banana before and right after w/ protein powder in water
sweet potato

Last intake of day
Full scoop of protein powder w/ 8oz of milk

Again, this gives me a breakdown of:
Fat: 156g

I also supplement with fish oil 3x a day and a multi vitamin


200lbs - 15% bf = about 170lb . 170lb x 12 lbm = 2040 cals . your daily macs that you posted gives you 2712 cals with more than half of your daily cals from fat . may be drop fat a bit to about 75g (675 cals) this'll get you to about 2040 n watch your scales n adjust accordingly .



I thought the recommendation for fat was a little high, as well as the over all calories. I realize every one is different. But is there a standard formula that some people use to determine calories? like: LBM x(some number)?


all estimates are just that estimates . i wrote what works for me . try the same n see how you go n adjust from there as everybody is different . check out lyles site hes got various articles about setting cals but he says the same there just estimates.


Here is an article that may help:


A couple more: