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Fat Loss Question: Calorie Calculation and Physical Activity

Long time lurker, first time poster-

I switched to a more bodybuilding style of lifting and I’m focusing on losing body-fat right now.

I was roughly 205-210 pounds when I started (the gym scale was broken so it’s not perfectly accurate). BW x 15 maintenance calories would be about 3,000 a day which still seems high to me. Currently I’m averaging 1800-2200 calories a day consistently, usually around 2,000. I am seeing results, but I don’t get that hungry at all during the day.

My question is how do you take into account physical activity? I live in a major US city and I normally walk 5 to 6 miles a day (as counted by a Fitbit step counter) with my weekends being closer to 9/10 miles. Does that count as high physical activity in conjunction with lifting 4-6 days a week? Any suggestions on whether I should eat more or less here?

I’m a little lost, when I was younger I would just do a keto diet to lean down but as I’ve gotten older I struggle to handle that diet over any long enough term.

You take it into account by actually eating a certain amount of food for a few weeks and measuring your results.

It’s very tempting to see a specific number that will work for you, but Unfortunately any tracker you see online is just a good guess for a starting point. Some have “activity multipliers” like 1.2 up to 2x, but again it’s all an educated guess.

If a calculator gives you a number and your results differs from what the calculator says they should, trust your results and not the calculator.

You said you are seeing results, so my recommendation is not to change anything, certainly not adding 800-1000 cals a day based on what some calculator says.

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Also the intensity and resistance of the exercise should be taken into account, the high the intensity the higher chance of it effecting you’re metabolism and calories etc. You’re walks are low or steady state cardio basically? Read up about that and the other types of exercise, how they interrelate and affect calories and adjust according to you’re goals. You may want to try and get you’re heart rate higher with the cardio based stuff?
You’re lifting depends on the same as above as well as volume, try 5 sets of 10-12 reps for 4-5 exercises per body group etc.

Thank you for your input @Lonnie123 and @savage90