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Fat Loss Program


I wanted to ask all those that have done
fat loss programs from this site , which one gave you the best result..
I'm planning to go on an 8 to 10 week fat loss program and wanted some feed back from my T-Brothers...
What was the outcome of program you used?


Tom Venuto's BFFM. Keep lifting hard, cut the calories and optimize macronutrient ratios. I've lost 30 lbs of bodyweight (5'8" 205lbs to 170lbs size 38" to 32") but added 25lbs to my bench press, so I know it's mostly all fat loss. Started late Aug 2004 following BFFM and lifting Max-OT style. No supplements except whey and oils (flax, EVOO).



the best program i've done, was a ketogenic (low carb) diet, along with HIT lifting. went from 14% to 7%, and gained a little strngth...PM me if you have any questions.



This one has worked for me for the past two years,cutting for summer..I think it has some of the easiest guidelines and is easy to follow!


Velocity Diet with lots of fish oil pills and a slightly modified version of Joel Marion's Ripped, Rugged and Dense 2.0 took me from 10.5% bodyfat to 4% in the 3 1/2 weeks I did it, and I actually gained a small amount (2.5 lbs) of muscle. No cardio. Can't say enough about how happy I was with my results.



What modification did you make on the program?
I did the V-diet but got some bad stomach(gut)cramps. I loss about 10lbs on it. I don't think I'll ever do it again. the cramps were too bothersome.


which keto. diet did you follow and what HIT did you do. please explain.


Oh, I dropped a few things, and turned it into 6 exercises. Vertical pulling, vertical pushing, horizontal pulling, horizontal pushing, squatting and deadlifting. I used the 5 X 5 for all of them, and all were done as supersets.

Day 1: Wide grip pronated pullups (specific weakness of mine) and standing barbell press (substituted Arnold presses a few days when my shoulder was clicking)

Day 2: Squats and deadlifts.

Day 3: Incline dumbbell bench and bent over rows.

Day 4: Rest

And repeat.

Also, I had similar problems with the diet. Mine was more of a "run to the bathroom clenching ass" kinda deal. Turned out it was the flax seeds. Got much much better after dropping them and subbing in more fish oil pills to make up the difference in calories.