Fat Loss Program

Ok here it is i am going to lay out what i plan to do for the next 6-8 weeks…my goal is trying to break the 10 %bf, i will be running a 12 week wrokout/diet the first 6 weeks

i will be following a carb cycling diet and go from 50, 100, 150 carbs a day kinda of what TT lined out on a thread the other day… i will be getting 250-300 G of protien a day aswell, and getting plenty of healthy fat form Flax oil

i will be following the second EDT phase and doing 2 - 3 days of HIIT training…

i will be using HOT-ROX or Red Bands if the come out soon…alos i may through in a tren/winny stack that i have been saving…any comments

A program on this website called “Cheaters Diet with EDT” last year was VERY successful. I have never heard of anyone complaining about it. I went from 18 % BF to under 14% in 17 days. My body weight stayed the same. Lost 13 lbs of fat and gained 12 lbs of muscle. If you are looking to kick start a fat loss diet / training program, look for that one first.

in 17 days or is that a mistype?

17 days.

BTW, Mag-10 was involved.

(Lets all bow our heads in reverence)