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Fat Loss Program Experiences

What program is best for fat loss, NB3, OSC or The Mutation Series? What were your experiences using these programs? Are there any other programs you would recommend?

90% diet after that I think that keeping the loads high for most of your work outs in order to hang on to strength during times of hypocaloric intake is wise. Add in some cardio, my favorite being morning walks, and sled sprints.

Really all the programs are great and just need to be tweeked for you intake. Dont negate the load/intensity for sheer volume all the time. You want to try and maintain or even gain on that.

Personally I had great luck cutting with ABBH. Just recently while not really trying to cut leaned out quite a damn bit by eating big and doing EDT 3-4 days a week.

Thats my 2 cc

So far the best cutting I’ve done is while doing Renegade Training. I actually had to increase my calories to recover but I managed to drop body fat.


Thanks for the info, I will look at Renegade training.