Fat Loss Products: Clen/Albuterol

Hi guys,
I a bit bored, its 1am and i’ve nothing to do tmorrow, lots of some spare time on my hands so i’ve been reading about fat loss products.
I’ve read a lot of bad reports about clen,
others saying albuterol was better and slightly anabolic.

I was just wondering does anyone here use these products, i would like to give them a try some time in the future.

I’m starting a Test prop/ tren ace/ mast prop cycle next month for lean mass, i was tempted to add a fat loss product into that but i’ve read that clen harms your gains. Do they all do this? Clen/albuterol/t3/t4/etc…

I dont want to use the ECA stack bacause i use Ephedrine before football and i’ve read that you get used of it and it stops working.

I liked clen more for the stimulant effect than the fat burning properties. Gave me a 2 weeks break from caffeine. I didn’t notice any catabolic effects either. Haven’t used albuterol so can’t help ya there.

Clen seems to work better for fat burning, probably because it has a long half-life and works all the time. I like albuterol because you can control it more since it doesn’t last nearly as long. I also like albuterol or terbutaline(another beta 2 agonist) plus caffeine pre-workout for energy. They make me feel good, wired and don’t raise blood pressure much if any.

As far as fat burning I think albuterol probably works about the same as ephedrine. All seem to burn fat without causing muscle loss but I haven’t seen anything anabolic about any of them that I could notice and I do think gains are generally better without them than with if you are using full cutting doses. If I were you, I would stick to the ephedrine if that is your stimulant of choice before football and leave the clen or albuterol alone for this cycle. When you are seriously cutting, then you can consider it.

Also, you build a tolerance to clen within weeks, usually and albuterol and ephedrine can be used much longer with noticable effect if you slowly bump dosages up and you won’t become tolerant and lose the effect for awhile. Again, probably because of the half-life differences.