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Fat Loss Post Football


Last offseason I went from 295 to 265 in about 5 months, I only ran the last month or so but by then I had already loss 25 pounds of the 30.

this offseason since im no longer playing football I want to get down to 230-20. I was wondering should I just do the same thing which was monitor my carbs in the manner of watching junkfood and sugars like soda and juice.

as far as college night life I stuck to not drinking as often and when i did i drank light beer or straight alcohol, I know its not the best but it was something that helped....lol

but I was wondering should I just take the same routine this time around and maybe throw in 30 mins of cardio along with monitoring my diet the way I did and keep my same lifitng patterns.

my diet will eliminate a good protion of carbs with the exception of the before workout meal

just wanting some advice should I take the same route since it worked last time or try something new?

my goal is to really possibly get down to 220ish and retain as much muscle as possible


1 sure, #2 sure. LOL

Honestly both could help and really wouldnt hurt. the main thing beingb the diet. Man honestly ven during seaso I would limit the crap sugars etc. Clean up the diet etc.. that will be huge.

I say add in football like cardio, sprints GPP, sled drags, keg throws. I just find them more effective and fun. then walk just aim to go on a walk every evening.

Hope that helps,


hmm kegs throws?

do i start out with them full, then have a prty to empty them then o the cardio with them right after, sounds fun....lol

do you throw for height, distance or what, cause i live in a college house, we have more than our fair share of kegs shesll laying around


All the above for time, distance, height, clean and presses. clean and press then walk with overhead for distance. I love he 1 arm keg snatch that a great one I made up during one of our T-cells.

Just get creative.


Oh a couple other great ones we found were Keg volley ball tosses. hrowing the keg over a V-Ball net for time. say 5-6 times as fast as possible. race one another.

Als Hot Keg like hot potato with a keg, get 2-3 other and throw the keg to one another for say 5 mins. you did something at the end of that.