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FAT-LOSS Plan (T-2 included)

Just read an article with Dr. Serrano about the best approach to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. They gathered from all their clients that 50%protein, 30%fat and 20% carbs are the best ratio to do this, so this is what i’m gonna do. Here’s the plan, their meal ratios jump around in the same diet program (some meals high fat, others low fat, etc)but not like massive eating I’m anal and need meals more similar, a more structured plan. I’m 220lbs so i’m shooting for 330g protein a day, 50% cals. fat will be 88g and carbs 132g, mainly in the 1st 3 of my 5 meals. Basic plan is 5 meals: =:postworkout/Breakfast:= 6 scoops protein (60g), 2 tbsp. heavy cream, 1/2 cup peaches. =:next 2 meals:= 6oz. chicken/4 oz. 90% beef, 6 oz. sweet potato. =:last 2 meals:= 6 oz. chicken/4 oz. 90% beef, 1 cup broccoli. ALSO, 3 fish oil capsules each meal. Anyone try a 50/30/20 ratio, if so how’d it work? Been taking the T2 and Tribex-500, starting Champion Nutrition Slenderful with it on monday. Training regular 4 day split, low reps, heavier weight. 15min interval training on the stepper in the AM. Any comments would be appreciated. 1st contest September, this is a test run. Currently about 12%bf.

It appears that you have good ideas, but dude - I think it is overkill to do T-2, tribex and “slenderful” ( a basic ephedra/caffeine product)

Sexy Flexy…short on time here–whopper’ll be on me if I don’t get in the kitchen–but I just had a few questions/comments for ya. Take it all with a grain of salt and coming from a bud. Seems to me like you’ve been dieting for a while, posting different schemes every couple weeks…how long do you give each diet? how have your results been thus far? how long have you been dieting without a break? how long have you been training without a break/reduced volume? how much muscle have you gained/lost? how much fat have you gained/lost? Just checkin’ up on ya, bro, but as you may well know, I’ve got my own issues to deal with, so I understand if you just throw this on the backburner or in the trash.