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Fat Loss Plan - Please Critique

T-Bretheren, I think the title says it all. The following is the best fat loss plan I could assemble from reading all the online issues of T-Mag and reading the forums. Whether y'all know something I don't, have read something I didn't, or see a flaw, please let me know.

A little background info first, I'm getting ready for my senior season of High School football. I've been training for 5 1/2 years; the past four of which have followed the "you're an athlete, not a bodybuilder" mentality(With the exception of the year I decided I'd rather be a bodybuilder than an athlete, but I digress). I play offensive and defensive line, but for a variety of reasons (Injuries, proms, weddings...) I've decided that I want to shed the bodyfat. Staring February 1st, I plan on dieting for 8 weeks, possibly 12 if things progress slowly. Given my position, it's imperative that I maintain most, if not all of my LBM, and as much strength as possible.

I'll post all the details on the thread, once i see that it has gone up; so as not to waste space on the first page for those that don't care.

Consider this the Biotest-For-Life challenge(Hardly clever; but wait until you see the supplement list). I'll document my progress if anyone cares, considering most try to get ripped this time of year and I will probably be starting on Feb 1, a month or so before everyone else.


Age: 17
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 245
Bodyfat: 20%

Maxes (or is that MAXES, as of August of last year):

Squat: 455x3
Bench: 235x3
Deadlift: 415x8 (Never maxed)
PushPress: 225x2
Hang Clean: 175x3(Weakest lift, except maybe for barbell pullovers)

Supplements (Daily, regardless of goals):

Creatine Monohydrate (Not in Kool-Aid)
Protein Powder
Flax Oil
Fish Oil Capsules

Current Routine:

I just came off of a month and a half of 3x week HIT training in which i put on 7lbs of LBM(9 total). I've just transitioned to the school's training program.


Weeks 1-2 & 5-6

Cy Wilson's Steroid Dieting with the following macronutrient breakdown:

Protein: 360g
Carbs: 75g (25 at breakfast, 25 preworkout, 25 postworkout)
Fats: 35g
Total Calories: 2,055


MD-6, dosage to be determined
T-2 Pro: 1 capsule 3xday
Methoxy: 2 teaspoons 2xday
Mag-10 1 dose/day after a double dose frontload

I plan on using a 5x5 routine. With all respect to Joel Marion and his R,R&D progam, I've changed the excercises to what I know works for me and what will keep my interest. A1 and A2 are to be supersetted, followed by rest and 4 more sets before moving on to the B excercises.

HIIT Cardio for half an hour on my off days.

Monday - Chest and Back

A1) Bench Press
A2) Bent Over Rows, underhand grip
B1) Wide-Grip Pullups
B2) Seated Shoulder Press, wide grip
C1) "Planks" as outlined in Coach Davies article this week. I never knew they had a name.
C2) Plate Pinch, Grippers, Whatever

Wednesday - Legs and Traps (Depending on how drained i become due to the lack of carbs, i may switch the A1 and B1 excercises)

A1) Stiff-leg Deadlift, elevated
A2) Squats, wide stance
B1) Leg Extensions
B2) Leg Curls

3x3 - Not supersetted
C1) Dumbbell shrugs
C2) Hang Cleans

Friday - Forearms, Arms and Delts (Forearms hit through their constant use all workout)

A1) Dips
A2) Reverse Grip Barbell Curls, with towel wrapped around a straigt bar
B1) French Press
B2) Alternating Incline Dumbbell curls
C1) Seated Lateral Raises
C2) Plate Raises


Weeks 3-4 and 7-8


T-Dawg 2.0 - I guess I'll be the guinea pig
Macronutrient Breakdown:
Protein: 360g
Carbs: Per Recomendations
Fat: 140g
Total Calories: 3,175


MD-6, dosage to be determined
T-2 Pro: 1 capsule 3xday
Methoxy: 2 teaspoons 2xday
Tribex 500


Fat to Fire

I'm not sure about this. I definitely want to use a Lactice acid/GH program but I'm not sure which. I ultimately plan on training renegade style after this fat loss experiment is over; which is the reason i chose F2F.


Weeks 9-12

What I do during the third month depends greatly on my progress. If I reach my goals (more on that later) I plan on maintaining this month, to be followed by a transition to a mass phase. If I'm still a lard ass, I plan on doing another month of the same.


I hope to loose 25-30 lbs of fat using the above program; and end up at or below 10% bf. That's a net loss of 3.75lbs a week, which I feel may be reasonable considering the ammount of fat I have to loose. If I end up going 12 weeks, that's 2.5 lbs a week, which seems to agree with most of T-Mag's estimates. I won't go any more than 12 weeks, because of the Mag-10 and needs of my sport. After maintaining for a while (After all that I want to enjoy it) I plan on going on a mass phase, possibly with Mag-10 and end up at a playing weight of anywhere between 250-265 with 10% bf. That may be a lofty goal, but I'm goal oriented and will have 4 months to put on about 20-25 lbs of muscle gradually while training renegade style.

Hi, Rob. It’s hard to believe you’re 17. Your program and supplementation looks very well thought out.

Just a few quick thoughts.

When you’re doing low carbs you need to pick up your fat a bit. It helps with cravings, and as long as you pick something unsaturated like flaxseed oil, you’ll INCREASE your metabolism and ENHANCE stored fat utilization. It seems that fat intake causes your body to release enzymes that cause your body to draw upon fat stores to a greater degree. Increased flaxseed intake will also help with recovery and reduce inflammation to some degree. Recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of BW or more. Myself, when I’m cutting, I lower carbs and protein calories and fat calories run neck and neck.

My understanding is that your age you will not benefit from Mag-10 supplementation. I’ll defer to the experts on this one.

One last thought, you might want to post a copy of your workout on the Renegade Revolution Forum where Coach Davies & Co hang out.

Best of luck to you!!!

Terry, MAG-10 would work for a 17 year old, just like steroids do, but of course a 17 year old doesn’t need that kind of supplementation, just good food and maybe some extra protein like an MRP or two per day.

Thanks for putting the correct spin on things, Paul. You can see why I said I’d defer to the experts. (grin)

That would be true if Rob’s goal was gaining muscle mass, but when taking calories as low as steroid dieting calls for, an androgen such as Mag-10 is needed to prevent dramatic losses in lean tissue.

Secondly, you do not need to bump up your fat intake while on the steroid dieting portion of the diet (and T-dawg already calls for plenty of fat). Rob has it set up right in that after protein, minimal carbs and fats (strictly EFA's) are to be consumed; Steroid Dieting is a short term severe diet. However, I think your caloric intake is a bit high considering your LBM of 196 lbs. At this LBM, I'd probably drop things down to the 1700 range; beings that you are on Mag-10, LBM should not be an issue and your rate of fat loss will be much faster.

Lastly, have you thought of incorporating some planned overfeeding into the steroid dieting portion of the program? Most that I have talked to that have tried both the strict and overfeeding approaches have concluded that fat loss is faster when periodically overfeeding to restore fallen leptin levels.


Woah… something seems weird here. 415x8 Deadlift, 175x3 Power Clean? I know you said it’s one of your weakest lifts, but my best deadlift so far is 405, and I could probably clean 175 for 10 reps. Anyway, just an observation.

Now then, regarding your fat loss. Yes, you might loose 3.75 pounds per week when initially starting off, perhaps more, but it’s not going to all be fat. You’d have to be something like 1600-1800 calories under maintanance -per day- to loose that much fat. I don’t care what you’re stacking with that, you’ll loose LBM/strength. Stick with the 12 week model.


Wow! You're so dedicated. I'm quite sure you'll do great.

I'll only say two things re: your program. 1. Low-carb or carb-restrictive diet may not be good for athletes. I believe it can hinder your performance. But if you end the low carb/carb-restrictive diet before the season starts, you should be OK. (OK....laugh at me...I have no idea when HS football season starts...*g*)

2. You need an exit strategy. Since you're doing T-Dawg, etc. which restricts your carb intake, you shouldn't just go wild as soon as your diet's over and eat all carb in sight. So I'd develope some kind of exit strategy/diet to help you transition to "normal" or "ideal" carb intake for your sport. :)


Oh, one more thing I learned from Patricia.

If your fat loss isn't as quick, then reconsider your carb choice and replace starchy carb w/ veggies/fibrous carbs and see how your body responds. Typically, people lose faster when they replace their starchy carb w/ veggies. Of course, it'll require some experimentation to see how you feel also. (If you feel like s*** eating all veggies and very little starchy carb, then you should readjust your carb breakdown, etc.)


Thanks for the advice!

Tampa-Terry: What you’re saying about upping the fat intake makes a lot of sense, so I’ll definitely try it and see where it gets me. One question though, is there a difference between the cold pressed flaxseed oils and the gelcaps? Is the liquid more readily digested or more highly utilized?

Paul: As for protein, during my sojourn into the HIT world i was ingesting upwards of 600g a day, with 500g carbs, and 100-150g fat. A good MRP? gulp Well, i have a bad MRP from one of those other companies.

Wow, thanks for the feedback. Where to begin… I’ve already replied to Tampa-Terry and Paul, but at the time of this posting, it’s not up yet.

Joel Marion: I thought as much about Mag-10 usage, thanks for clearing that up. As for the planned overfeeding, I was still undecided at the time of writing. I may do that for weeks 5&6, or the second steroid dieting cycle. I was also being conservative with the calories, so I’ll drop them and see where my LBM ends up.

Ike:My problem with hang cleans is that I have no form and poor acceleration. I have no doubt that i could pull significantly more weight from the floor. Hell i can curl 95 for 5 or 6. If I were to draw a picture of my strength distribution at the time of those maxes (Before several injuries) it would be shaped like a pair. I had 31" quads and a 38" waist. As for the diet, my goal is to do everything right, keep as much LBM as I can, and lose as much fat as possible. I won’t specifically engineer my calories to lose a certain amount of fat, it’s just an overall goal. If i don’t loose 3.75 and end up at 2.75 that’s still fine in my book.

Stella: Heh, Football season starts in August, I’ll be off the diet in plenty of time. I planned on working toward eating maintenace on the month following the diet. Since T-Dawg will have me at 3,175 cal a day, it shouldn’t take long to easy back into the swing of things. Thanks for the carb suggestions, and as for feeling like shit, I hope MD6 takes care of that since I haven’t had any caffeine in a month or two.

Rob, I just wanted to say that one of the benefits of posting on the T&N Forum is the wealth of suggestions and ideas you get from an incredibly diverse group of people. However, everything should be analyzed for its applicability to YOUR situation. In this case, I’d prefer to see you go with Joel Marion’s advice over mine re upping the fat. He’s extremely knowledgable in all thing relating to diet and is published, here on T-Mag and in other BB magazines. But it’s just not the fact that he’s published. In this case, he’s right. (grin).

Take care, and the best of luck to you!!!