Fat Loss Plan for an Athlete, Not Bodybuilder

After i read the last 10 pounds article from A. Cosgrove today i came up with that plan…Would you do some modification or it look good?
This is a one month plan…

What do you think of this ;(i say heavy lifting for weight routine,conditionning = circuit,complex,tabatas etc…

Monday=heavy lifting +conditionning
tuesday=Conditionng + hiit +steady state cardio
Wednesday=weekly hockey game in morning
thurday=heavy lifting + steady state cardio
friday = rest
Saturday=heavy lifting+conditionning +steady state cardio


ps i walk a lot at work also

I know its very similar to CT destroying fat article…

The plan that AC wrote was using complexes. If your trying to lose fat, start off with a heavy lift for a major BP (Squat, Bench, Row, Deadlift.) Follow it up with 5 rounds of complexes. Bump out the steady state work, in order of importance to lose weight it falls 4th behind: Diet, Weights, and intervals.

Dont work about strength gains that much until you’ve lost the fat you want to lose. If strength happens it happens but the goal is fat loss.

If your playing hockey and its in season, you might want to keep your program how its been, and just modify your diet.

Basically do what you’ve been doing previously to get in shape for hockey, and adopt a carb cycling diet.

Dankid is right, diet has more to do with fat loss than training. You can never outtrain a shitty diet. There is plenty of dietary advice on this website so find one that suits your needs. Dont use the V-Diet unless you are in the offseason, you need those carbs if you are in season and competing.

As mentioned, diet is king. However, I think any athlete can lose weight while maintaining and even increasing strength. Don’t go nuts on conditioning until it’s clear that’s what you need to reach your goal.

At first, I might try something like this.

Day 1: intense skill practice (technique, speed and such), followed by heavy upper body lifting – use more reps at a higher percentage of your max (e.g. 3x3 at 90%) rather than a 1-5 RM, and then do two to three assistance exercises.

Day 2: easy, non-sweating cardio. Start out with a 30-45 min walk.

Day 3: intense skill practice, lower body lifting

Day 4: 30-45 min walk

Repeat. And then take two days off, before starting again.

When you plateau in your weight loss, try two-a-days if possible – 45 minutes at each session on both your intense and easy days

If that stops working before you reach your goal, simplify your intense workouts and then add in a couple of complexes after heavy strength training.

It bears repeating. Diet is king.

Hope this helps.