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Fat Loss Plan for 1A?


I have recently bought 1A fat loss plan, which seems to be a mistake since Coach is coming back on several point regarding this specific neurotype.

It seems that 1A needs more carb than previously expected, in order to avoid too much dopamine/adrenaline/cortisol production since 1A can’t clear those quickly. Slow degradation of those neurotransmitter.

What would be the right way to correct current 1A fat loss plan ? Little increase of 10% in carbs macro, little decrease in protein of 10% ? Adding some carbs in 2nd meal of the day in order to avoid excessive cortisol production along the day?

I would appreciated some recommandation having bought this one too early unfortunatly !

He posted that who ever bought the program can send an email to one of the ballistic management agents, and get the new one ( when they come online ). So, be patient a little longer and you will get it right.

Awesome ! Thanks Matej !