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Fat Loss Pills (Phentermine)

Have you guys ever heard of these fat loss pills? They’re called Phentermine, each pill is 30mg. Do you know how well they work? And are they harmful for young people to take. For example a 17 year old female? The pill’s color is half blue, half clear. It contains little white and blue balls inside of it. Thanks!!!

I’ve heard a bit about it. At your age, you’ve probably already fully matured (considering women mature faster than men because of the extra estrogen I believe). So, taking a weight loss supplement shouldn’t be so bad I’d imagine. Just be sure you get enough sleep in conjunction with any weight loss drugs. Weight-loss drugs tend to act like “uppers.” If you don’t get enough sleep but stay on diet pills, sure, you’ll get skinny, but your muscle-to-fat ratio will be god-aweful. You’ll have more saggy, wrinkly skin. To combat this, try to increase your protein intake but it is essential that this extra protein not interefere with your sleep habits. (high protein and high fat diets can impair sleep sometimes). Make sure you just stay away from bad fatty foods, and do some anaerobics in conjunction with any pills you might take but don’t do it to the extent you get bulky…Most men like women that are slender and lean but not bulky lean. :slight_smile: Just becareful you don’t take too much, also, look at other alternatives for weight-loss medications/drugs. The one you mentioned might not be best for you. Also see if any medications you might be taking now will interefere with the desired effects of the drug you intend to take. If you are just looking for weight loss, I’d reccomend you take up running or walking. Also, don’t forget the sleep part. I notice that some OTC diet drugs say to take them in 3 seperate doses a day or with each meal. I can see why they’d say that but it would be best in my opinion that you take maybe a bit in the morning after brekfast or in between that and lunch. Eventually, your brain should have a negative-feedback loop reaction and you’ll gradually reach a mild “crash” which should help you sleep. Best advice, don’t spread the drug out daily unless you want to expend your muscle mass (you could prevent them from hypertrophing with extra protein but still, you are setting yourself up for other related problems with diet drugs which could include depreesion from the lack of sleep. Also increase your protein intake with any CNS stimulant. Eating healthy and exercise also helps a hell lot more than any drug you can take rest assured. Hope this helps.


I’ve heard of it and so has every Personal Injury Lawyer in the United States. It was the med used in combination with fenflurimine and deoxy-fenfluramine to form the weight loss combo “Fen-Phen”. They’ve been taken off the market, but have revived many a languishing law practice. If you watch ANY television, the adds are everywhere to find an attorney if you took “Fen-Phen”. There was some association with these meds, heart valve damage and pulmonary hypertension. I don’t even know if you can get this stuff in Mexico or Thailand. (But the Lawyers would LOVE for you to!)

Phentermine (Fastin) was not taken off the market but Fenfluramine was. It was determined that the Fenfluramine component of Phen-Fen was the culprit in causing the heart valve damage. Phentermine is safe when taken alone but loses its effectivness after a couple of weeks. Definately do not take Phentermine with any other anti-depressant serotonergic drugs.

Phentermine is all of those thing mentioned above. As a woman you need to ask yourself how much fat you need to/should drop. Note: the 30mg phentermine is time release. The 37.5 mg is right now. I would recommend that you order the 37.5 mg and take only half at a time. If you want to tweek all the way into the afternoon, just take another one at lunch. Also, drink atleast twice the water you drink now. I get insane cotton mouth when I use phentermine. I take the same aproach to phentermine as I take with ephedrine products…take the lowest effective dose and keep in mind it won’t work day in and day out you’ve got to pick and choose when it will be most effective and take it then. You won’t be hungry at all, but on the other hand you can eat all day without getting tired. So remember to keep you diet in check. Calorie restriction will lower your body temperature too much and you’ll need the phentermine just to maintain. Keep your flax and fish oil intake very high, the phentermine can constipate and drain kidneys. All this being said, I really like this drug when my diet is in check enough for me not to feel fucked up from it. And one more thing…Shop around on the net, there are so many places to get it, prices will vary.