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Fat Loss on High Test?

I would just appreciate everyone’s thoughts on that loss due to an increase in androgen load. So if someone took higher amount of test say between 500 mg 750 mg would they see an increase in fat loss if eating at 250 cal below maintenance ?


Yes, but they might look fatter while on the high test. The high test will likely give a bloat even if in a deficit. When you come off the test that water will drop off and you will look better.

IMO, this is why most don’t want to cut on things like high test, dbol, drol, etc. It is a bit unmotivating looking watery when cutting.

If you can believe in the process, and know you will look cut when you drop the test back down, then it is fine, but it is hard for many people to do.

In my experience, it is very easy to “out eat” test. By that I mean the increase in hunger that I usually get causes me to eat too much more than usual and I don’t lean out very easily. Granted with some will power I suppose that isn’t an issue, but relying simply on the test to help you lose weight without really focusing on changes in diet it makes it a wash anyways.

Really the changes in diet are what is going to allow you to drop AND keep off the excess weight. The drugs only last as long as you take them, but changes in will power and treatment of food will last MUCH longer.

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