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Fat Loss on Cycle

My stats
I’m currently on
Dec 200mg
EQ 200mg
test En 200mg
Every three days. Its a poor man cycle. I was at 150 with the dec but my shoulder started hurting so I upped it back to 200. I started getting a little gyno so I dropped test down to 400 per week from 500 and feel a ton better. I am 39, 6ft and shooting for 300lbs (about 30lb off)

I have been playing with my diet. I have been cycling down to 2,000 once a week and keep the calories around 4,000 normally. Protein is about 300 and carbs hover around 200. On workout days (every other day) I do a minimum of 30min cardio changing between the elliptical stair thing and treadmill every workout. I keep hart rate around 150-160 as that feels best.
My question is two fold.

  1. how long until I see the benefit of changing my diet. If I go to say 6000 cals to see what they will do, will I see a swing in results within 3-4 days or more?
  2. how low can I go to lose fat and maintain muscle. Work doesnt require much energy so it is only the work outs.



Both of your questions are highly individualistic, therefore nearly impossible to answer. The best answer is to try it yourself and see. I don’t think that you need to do anything so drastic as raising cals by 2k though. There is a point of diminishing returns and a 2k increase is well past that. It looks as if you’re getting 50% of your cals from fat. I’d try to boost your protein intake to 2g/lb. while on cycle.

Also a little confused on if you’re trying gain weight, lose weight, or simply improve current body comp. Either way, your second question is again an individual thing. How clean is your diet? Once you go past 4k cals it’s hard (not impossible, but damn hard) to eat clean and hit all your cals, even using things like EVOO.

Ultimately you know your body best. For me, if I keep my diet 100% clean while on AAS I can add mass and get leaner at the same time. If dirty it up at all I can gain even faster, but leanness goes out the door. So like I said, experiment and find out what works best for you.

It is real clean. Pro is from chick breast, tuna and powder. The only real fats are in almonds. About 10 a day.

I wa just wondering if being on cycle will let me see results from my diet quicker.

Normally I see a body change about 3 days after I change my diet. It has not changed while on

Sorry, above sent before I was done (on my phone is a bitch to post)
I’m trying to lean out more then gain much more size. I wanted to slim
down this run and after pct do a mass cycle and see what can happen.

I was also thinking to go through 20ml (300mg per) of eq. Then dropping the
Eq and stick with dec. I want to see how my body will do with 500 mg of dec per week.
I ran it in the past and bulked up quick. I don’t know if by itself if it will keep my red blood cells
High enough to make fat lose easier.

I have also been changin up the test between cyp and enth. Sus just kicked me ass from
Gyno, acne, flu symptoms to teariing up at punked (don’t ask cause I don’t know) so I don’t
like sus.

Thanks. B0nzz

The best advice for dropping fat is to carb cycle, or carb manipulate. Eat your protein and carbs the first half of the day, and protein and fats the second half or latter part of the day. Even being older, like you, I have had success at dropping fat and building muscle on cycle, even with a half-hearted attempt at carb manipulation. It works.

Thanks, I already did that and saw great gains in begining but I reached another dead spot.
Now I am only getting carbs from oatmeal and yogurt in the morning and veggies up until
2, then I have a couple salads. That’s around 200 g of carbs. Do you think I should go up
To say 600 for a couple days or just spike it for one day and back down to under 100 for a day
Then back to normal?

What works for you guys?



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I up’ed my fat to about 30grams a day. This is from sharp cheddar, black olives and changing
between almond and walnuts.

I have been doing the carb cycle as suggested by 5.0

Carbs have been up to about 400 a day. I have been as low as about 100 and that was from veggies
Only and I just felt like shit.

I haven’t seen any change yet. How many days should pass be4 I see a change, ball park so I can try another direction?

Any suggestions.