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Fat Loss: Milk+Milo?


Was wondering if people could give me their opinions,

Ive unfortuantely let myself go over the last 12 months due to work, (6kg)

Used to train 6 days per week for a few years, so am not a beginner

at present, im doing a fair bit of cardio and gymwork to try and lose the KG,

muscle gain is not really a high priority at the moment, but maintaining it is also important

Is having a glass of Skim Milk with Milo late at night a good or bad thing,

I guess its high in sugars, but also high in protein ,

so im wondering if I should continue it or just drink milk by itself

Personally, Im indifferent about drinking milk, but something sweet at the end of the night is quite good,

however, if need be, I can easily eliminate it

I guess im just trying to work out how good milo, or milk is good in terms of dieting for my situation

edit: milo is like a chocolate powder, but its marketd as a healthier alternative, however Im not sure how healthy it is


For anyone else that has no idea what Milo is:

Having something that high in sugar, late at night, is counterproductive. Some people will hate on the milk, others won't. But the Milo is definitely not great.

A popular recipe in these parts, and I find it very satisfying before bed, is cottage cheese, nut butter, and low-carb chocolate protein powder. Mix it all together and it's pretty tasty. High in protein and fat (helps for a slow burn through the night) and satisfies the sweet tooth.


dont drink it at night. drink it in the morning, or after your workouts. insulin is not a hormone you want before you sleep



I would not drink that at all. Milk itself has the ability to spike insulin quite a bit:

Dissociation of the glycaemic and insulinaemic responses to whole and skimmed milk

When these are taken together the response is exactly the opposite of what you want. They are actually not that high in protein. A serving of each is only 13g, you probably want 30-40g minimum.

calypso15 has excellent advice on a reasonable prebed meal that will give you a higher dose of slow digesting protein without the sugars and some healthy fat to help slow digestion. If you use cottage cheese, you can use whey as the protein powder to approximate a blend. Get at least 15-20g protein from cottage cheese and a scoop of whey or a whey/casein blend.

Even a pure protein blend like Low Carb Metabolic Drive (which tastes good in water) along with fruit and nuts is a much better option.

I'm sorry I can't give you a non-Biotest option for a protein blend as I have not found one that compares in taste, for straight whey protein there are substitutes, but for the casein and whey blends like Metabolic Drive, I have yet to come near and I have purchased most of the products on the market as well as tried the mix your own sites (which had the cleanest taste and best mixibility next to the Metabolic Drive, but lacked in sweetness and mouthfeel).

Save the milk for bulking and skip the Milo outright.