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Fat Loss Info for My GF?


My gf was lifting looooong b4 I came along that’s how we met. we both support and feed off each other and give each other constructive feedback and collaborate of various ideas and programs and diets. neither one of us has a coaches mentality and I am certainly not forcing her to lift bec its something I want a partner of mine to do. as a matter of fact she was emailing me all sorts of stuff today wanting my opinion on it from supps to diets to training splits to see if I thought it would work. and before I answered her I figured id post here because this is a great place to bounce ideas off and get feedback. moreover when I told her I posted here to get some ideas, she that that was nice that I took the time to care enough to take time out of my day to help her out.


Thanks! This was a very informative thread. I appreciate you taking a moment.


You bet. Best of luck!


Sometimes all you can do to help someone is set a good example!

Offer solid resources for her, direct her to good sources of info…that kinda thing. I know what you mean being frustrated–like when family members ask for advice and then do what Gwen Paltrow says instead.

Still, I’d be VERY cautious about taking a lead for a significant other instead of having her do it on her own. Just my personal opinion!


Ok!! I’m glad you guys are on the same page!


Omg, I concur. After all, it’s Break…fast!!!


Yup, send her our way because things don’t add up…besides, it’s her body not yours. My hubby needs to do…well, it’s up to him. You can take a horse to water…but ya can’t make them drink…omg, I’m using an expression like one of those over 35 lifters would use…crap, I must still be wondering about article and which type of cinnamon CT was referring to.


The only g/f I trained was the one who asked me to; we met in martial arts and she wanted to me to teach her weight lifting. But even then I wasn’t a micro-manager. We went to the gym together and lifted together, that was it.


Best to remove all doubt, I think.

OP, have you tried just calling her fat and see if that works?