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Fat Loss in Post Menopausal Women

Hi guys, Wasn’t sure exactly where to post this so I hope this is the right forum.

I’m currently training a group of women in the gym and so far the results have been outstanding. With the exception of one woman. She’s good bit older than the rest and her days of going through the change are 10 years behind her at this stage. She’s getting frustrated, and I am too, because even though she’s training just as hard as the rest and being just as strict with her diet (paleo-ish carb cycling) she just isn’t seeing the same level of results as the rest of them.

So my question is this. Does anybody have any experience in dealing with this? I’ve tried doing my own research but I’m not convinced by anything I’ve read. Are there any particular methods/protocols I should be using?

Just some background info on the program I’m using. They’re all doing German body comp training after their main lift of the day and finishing with 10 minutes of hard conditioning (prowler, battle ropes, farmers carries, KB swings etc). In terms of diet, I’ve kept it really simple for them and am focusing on quality of food (big emphasis on not skipping breakfast) and ensuring that they eat protein with every meal, water as the only drink and keeping it as clean as possible with one cheat a week.

Can anybody offer advice?