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Fat Loss Impossible


I have been trying to lose this extra fat since I stopped playing college football in 2008 (300lbs) Its been a long journey but I believe I am almost there, I am currently at 188 trying to get down to 170 or until my abs come thru (first time lol). This is so frustrating and I am at a loss. Last year I did two 12 week diet plans with shelby starnes and we got down to 180 but it turns out my hormones tanked along the way and in the last couple weeks i was loosing muscle and no fat loss even in keto.

I had to take some time off during the holidays to let my hormones return to normal ( t lvls lowest at 89L lol---T3 was at 1.6) Since about Dec 15th I am on trt with 1500 mcgs a week of HCG and 2grains of dessi thy a day. I have also been a big clenbuterol user thru all of this and still it makes little difference. I believe have done the work and my diet is on par ( very close to shleby's but with a little deviations) yet few progress.

Im am up to 90 mins of fasted morning cardio-plus 20 mins on lift days(4x per week) on 2200 kcals a day. 300g protien, 60 carbs, 3g fishoils every meal, GLA/CLA at night. Started carb cycling and now am on all low days except for one med day every sat. I also am using clen lol I think I have to most stubborn body ever. I just ordere some HGH farg 176.191/ghrp-6 to try and I hope it works. I want to hold off on doing keto till I have no other option. NE advice? I am currently around 188 with a bf of 14 (est.), shooting for 170 or until my abs come thru.

I was wondering if anybody has any advice or something new I could try... I have put to much time, money and blood in and I will not stop until I am satisfied. NE help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanx


Is your purpose health/personal-desires, or competition?

If competition isn't the reason, then in your circumstance -- having dropped from 300 lb to 188 and now seeing the body highly resistant to further fat loss -- my advice really would be to train for strength and muscle for at least the next six months while not worrying at all about dropping more fat, but being sure not to add new fat. You can hold the line at this weight plus or minute a small amount to account for fluctuations, but don't let yourself, seriously, drop substantially below where you are now.

I don't know the mechanism where the body operates as if it had a set-point for bodyweight but this absolutely does seem to exist.

My expectation is that your body is not now using your present weight as its setpoint, but "thinks" it should be some considerably higher weight. When this is the case, fat loss becomes much harder and lean mass tends to be lost instead.

Allowing your body time at the lighter weight typically results in a readjustment where the body will no longer consider loss of some fat to be a major departure from setpoint.

Now of course if you've been at this weight already for the last year, then none of the above would apply.


Is loose skin or fat preventing your abs from showing?


This. I lost a lot of weight (285 down to 185 at my lightest) over a few years. I was becoming incredibly frustrated with my inability to get that last bit of belly fat off until it finally dawned on me that a lot of what I was seeing was actually loose skin. Since that point I've been lifting heavy and eating just slightly above maintenance with some moderate cardio and abdominal definition is coming in much better (currently at 205 lbs) than it ever did at 185.

I also suffered a hormonal crash as the result of a long term, low calorie "clean" fat loss diet. Since upping my calories and getting in lots of vitamin D, cholesterol and salt (suck it FDA) I'm feeling and looking much better.


How dare you defy the almighty FDA!


Have you ever used weekly carb refeeds?

I haven't been in your specific situation so it might not be suitable but its all that keeps me sane on a diet. Lyle McD or Skip's parameters are a good start.


It's skin, bro. I dropped from 420lbs to 178lbs in about 18 months, and drove myself fucking crazy, imploded and have yo-yoed between 220 and 210 for the last 6 months or so. You can either forget the scales and hit the weights hard in an attempt to let the skin heal and "adhere" to your new, solid muscle tissue underneath or you can look into Abdominoplasty


Was that T of 89 on a scale of 300-1000?

Did you get it tested recently?


I hope to one day compete, But I really dont want to stop trying to lose fat lol its been so long and I feel Like i am close but progress is hard to come by even when working so hard and being very strict on my diet. I fear that you may be right Atg410 but I do not want to accept it lol. I am so anxious to start building muscle but I do not want to look sloppy while doing it. To answer your question kvetch I do use weekly carb refeeds of about 150g of complex carbs now every sat. When I did keto refeeds were req so I did them then as well. Easy rhino, yeah the range was 300 to 1000.... I had a blood test done today so I am awaiting the result to see if the trt treatments r working. As for loose skin I am not sure I will post pics so you can decide for yourselves


Heres one














I dont no about loose skin but I can pull a good amount off it is still thick though. NE thoughts??? does anybody think that the peptide combo will have a good effect?


Sounds like you've lost alot of weight, and depending on how long you were fairly fat for, I would consder getting the stretched excess removed. Sort of like turning a new page.


surgery is something to consider dwn the road as I cannot do it now.... On another note I was looking into glucose disposal agents like metformin. Ne 1 had ne exp with these do you think it will make a differnce?


You can keep spinning your tires trying to diet down or you can accept the fact that the body requires some time to adapt, especially after such a dramatic fat loss.