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Fat Loss Help Needed!

Hello all. So I’m just going to get right to the point. I want to shed some fat and fast. As fast as possible. I know that there is no magic solution or shortcut, but I am looking for advice on a program to follow that can get me results in the shortest time. Something tough and that people can back up from experience. I am not a beginner, but through all of my years of lifting I’ve always carried love handles, now I’m not fat, but I do need to shed that last bit around my stomach and love handles that’s always been a problem area for me.

I will probably follow some type of carb cycling diet while doing a program. I am wanting to cut maybe until September before I start to bulk up again. I know it may seem stupid to turn right around and bulk, but I’m just sick of my love handles and would like to cut down on them some before winter.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Not allot of details…

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Have you considered searching the wonderful articles on this site dealing with this topic, or do you expect to be spoon-fed exactly what to do?

Because the problem is usually “Well there’s just so much information, I don’t know where to start” - but then you’re essentially saying “Whoever tells me what to do first, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Some things you might try (don’t do ALL of these at once):

“Work More”

Hill Sprints
Kettlebell Circuits
Rowing Intervals

“Eat Differently/Less”

More Protein
Less Protein
More Fat
Less Fat
More Carbs
Less Carbs
Carb Timing
Carb Cycling
Velocity Diet

See the problem? When all the information we’re given to go on is “I’m a guy who’s been lifting for awhile and still has love handles” there’s no way to know WHAT to adjust. We don’t have any idea what you’ve been doing, so how can anyone suggest what you need to change?

If you’ve been eating no-carb, maybe you’ll need to add some carbs.
If you’ve been eating high-carb, maybe you’ll need to drop some carbs.

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Apparently an answer directly from Thibaudeau saying “do one of these two programs” wasn’t enough for this dude, so, yeah.


LOL. Absolutely. Why would advice from the guy who’s considered, like, THE expert on this site be good enough?

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Probably because he didn’t like the advice Even if it was spot on. How many times has that happen on this site? Example ,Guys are given GREAT advice BUT keeps on asking around until the hear what they want too hear.


We can do that. You’ll need a friend, a tree and a large length of rope. Done? Now drive into the forest, have your friend tie you to said tree, come back in three days, weight lost.

If you want more serious advice, you’ll need to provide some more serious details. Lets start with what you ate yesterday?

I can pretty much guarantee that all you actually need to do is eat/drink less shit and chomp down on a few more veg, but you probably don’t want to do that.