Fat Loss Help for Diabetic and a Healthy Exercise Lifestyle

I was at 31% i think. I’m not at 27.5. I began eating more, taking martial arts 2 days a week and running 3-5 days a week 2.5-5 miles. I liked running after martial arts and mornings on non training days.

I increased my diet to +2000 calories and I’m adjusting its at or about 2500 calories with a BMR of 2000 and a exercise load of at or about 1000.

If i can get more work done in the given class time, or running session or duration increase in running session then I’ll get more out of my efforts every month. I considered clen or wini but I’m not read to ask a doc for help.

xtend, on whey, and no explode 2.0 are my current training aids.

With a body fat so high i feel i should focus all efforts on increasing workout capacity, fat loss and endurance.

As a type 2 diabetic the fat i lose will reduce episodes related to diabetes for which I’m not medicated for. Ive passed out driving and crashed. Using wini and or clen became an interest for when i get symptomatic. Quickest results possible would mean myself and the community at large are safer sooner also.

Question 1. Is it wise to continue increasing the running, class time, fat loss and endurance training until my fat mass is loser, if so what % should i get to before considering the work load of weight training. As is i think i could add 3x15 with dumb bells up to 30 pounds and not take away from my other training. I been training only 4 weeks and its just this past week i think i can add weights on my non class days in the morning after a 2.5 mile run.

Question 2. Is wini and clen a good idea to rapidly reduce fat weight so i can create a buffer while other efforts and habits can do the regular expected responsibilities of rehabilitation?

Try taking fish oils there is good evidence it keeps the fat off once you lose it. This is been my experience.
Don’t know much steroids but they are toxic and not good for you. Weights gets fat off quicker with walking than running etc. But if doing martial arts and running is what you enjoy , do that . Also you are more quickly to stick to a healthy lifestyle .

Steroids totally unnecessary -loads of effective training plans/info on this site to get fat down fast
A very controlled carb plan like this prob best first port of call…

this good re training, sub the skipping for martial arts class…

WTF man, that’s crazy to hear. Sorry about that. Why aren’t you being medicated/treated for the diabetes, at least until you get your weight under control?

Also, what is your height and weight?

You’re approaching fat loss the wrong way. Make weight training the priority and fit in some cardio around it, not the other way around. You’ve been a member here for years, so it kinda kills me that you aren’t already clued in to that. Something like this Waterbury program is a simple plan to follow.

Ditch the NoExplode. It’s a kitchen sink formula that’s not helping and the giant blast of caffeine can cause blood sugar issues.

You’re a grown adult, so make your own decisions, but using steroids right now would be a ridiculously terrible idea for multiple reasons. Your current condition, lack of effective or efficient training, and your approach to nutrition being among them.