Fat Loss Help for a Beginner

Hi all
I am a beginner and I am fat and weak, and I wish to change that. I have been reading the message boards and articles on T-Nation for a while and decided that its time to start implementing what I learned from here. I understand that as a complete beginner, anything I do will do good for me, but I want to have the opinion of people on this board. Here are my questions:

I read through quite a few articles and posts, and I am a bit confused about what can be a good beginner program. I saw that other beginners were suggested CW’s 10x3, CT’s War Room Strategies to Maximize Fat Loss, and starting strength.
Starting strength seems to be everyones favorite suggestion for a beginner who wants to gain strength and lose fat.

Should I start off with starting strength or give CT’s program a try? Or am I being overambitious thinking about CT’s program now? A friend of mine agreed to teach me the basic lifts.

Regarding nutrition:
I plan to start off with 2000 kcals, with a 40/30/30 split of PFC using protein powder, chicken breasts, cheese eggs, peanuts, fish oil, yogurt, milk and some veggies every day.

I want to take fish oil and Tribulus. Since I have been fat all through I think I certainly need some help with my hormones and thus tribulus. I plan to have 5/6 meals every day, and I will post my exact diet plan in the next couple of days.

Any advice/criticism about what I posted will be extremely helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read through a (yet another) beginners post.

First off, starting strength would be your best bet. Learn the BIG basic movements first and build a good base to fire your metabolism esp for a beginner.

Nutrition wise I think your calories are going to be a good starting point and it’s good to see you have considered a good balance of macros. You might have to alter you calorie intake at some point so assessing yourself will be important. Try to get as much variety in as possible and include as many vegetables as you can.

Supplements would probably be a bit of a waste at this point in time, focus your energy’s on getting your diet and training consistent first, they will yield the biggest results, and later on once you have made some decent progress through consistent diet and lifting then consider supplements.

You seem to have the basics down for a plan. I would suggest putting it all out in writing. That really helped me realize where I needed to improve my plan. Whether it be with my diet or my routine. Just my suggestion. Good luck!

keep it simple.

start with a basic program based in BIG compound move and commit to it, same with diet just nail good easy to follow habits get the protein in, a lot of good food, some junk is NOT bad, but get enough to eat. DONT over complicate it, there is NO reason to yet or possibly ever to many people try and make things so damn complicated from the start and they burn out fast.

keep it simple, fun and effective

Thanks for the advice.
I will start off with starting strength, and get some cardio on the off days. I want to start off with simple steady state cardio and then once I see how I do, I will try to introduce some HIIT.

I will make sure that I stick to the basics and eat enough of good food.

Regarding diet, the T-Dawg 2.0 diet has been quoted several times, but the link doesnt work anymore, and its not available in google cached pages too. Does anyone have a saved copy of it or can tell me what exactly it is?

Regarding the cardio you seem to be on the right track for a good start, ease into the HIIT as if you have been overweight and inactive for a long time it’s a good way to screw your knees, so don’t push past what your joints are capable of.

Good luck.

If you search ‘John Berardi,’ those would be some good articles about nutrition!!

Also,this article is good too!!


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