Fat Loss + Gain Strength Diet

I am having a bit of a problem trying to piece my diet together for my upcoming cutting phases. Basically my training is 2 days of lifting along with 2 days gpp work. I know to keep carb low and consume mostly protein and fat on days with no workout. However, how should my macronutrients timing/amount look like on the days i workout?

I was thinking somewhere along these line:

During weight training days, keep carbs to breakfast, pre and post workout only. on days with gpp work, i will consume moderate carb, probably for breakfast only, maybe a little bit carbs pre workout?

As for the amount,thats where im having trouble.

on training days, i dont know how much gram of carbs i should be consuming. i dont want to go by feel because i know ill end up eating either more or less than i needed. I was thinking about basing it off a certain percentage of my total caloric intake for the day. For example if i was to be consuming 3000calories, maybe 1000 calories will be from carbs? just an example.

for nontraining days,i plan on keeping it very low, roughly 30g or less.