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Fat Loss From Home


I am trying to put together or find a proven program that I can do from home. I just finished 5 weeks on Waterbury's Real Fast Fat Loss, I had good results and loved it but I have bad knees and all the lunges/squats started to add up. Right now I have freeweights, barbells and dumbbells, no bench. I run outside every other day for HIIT, I would just continue on RFFL but my knees can't handle it.

I've been searching the site for a routine like RFFL I can do from home but to no avail..I've been without a program for two weeks now and am starting to feel set backs..can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.


Two suggestions other then diet

ABBH I loved it for fat loss.

EDT of some sort charles even has one specific to fat loss. EDT will rip the fat off your body, just be wary of recovery. NO CARDIO NEEDED in most cases