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Fat Loss For Track

I’m a track athlete, jumps and short sprints, trying to get leaner. I’m already pretty lean, less than 10% BF, but I can’t seem to get much leaner. I can’t do anything to drastic with my diet, because I need all my macros for performance and recovery, but I eat clean with no more than 2 cheat meals per week. When I cut calories too much, my performance suffers, but I don’t want to burn myself out. I’m about 188 lbs. and typically, I’ll eat about 200g protein, 150g carbs, and 75g fat to cut. Any advice to help me lean out a little without costing me too much strength? Thanks all.

Are you trying to get leaner for track or for physical appearance reasons? Being ultra lean (i.e., 5-6%) is tough and isn’t necessarily best for optimum performance if you have to restrict yourself severly to get it. If you’re below 10% you should look mighty lean already.

Also, how tall are you? I’m 5’3 and 170lbs. I can diet on 2500 cals. You’re at less than 2100 now. I wouldn’t go much lower unless you’re willing to sacrifice performance.

Kinetix brings up a very good point. Your number one goal should be to improve your performance, not to look good. Although a reduction in bodyfat may make you lighter, it may impair performance. There’s an optimal bf% for some people with respect to relative strength sports. For some it’s 5%/6%, others it’s higher.