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Fat Loss Foods


Hi guys,

I know you must be bored of these kind of questions but i dont think there is anywhere else i will get a good answer or more knowledgeable people.I am currently in a fat loss stage and have worked out my diet which i have used in the past to drop fat so the main body of my diet is fine its just the salads/fruits/veg

i have two meals with chicken and was wondering what you guys include in your salads/veg?and how much as i want to eat enough so i aint soon hungry all the time.Also are such things as carrots/pickled beetroot/pickled onions ok?mostly because i love them ; ) but will give them a miss as they cannot be good for fat loss.

Also cottage cheese what the hell do you guys have with this?Also how much fruit should i have?

hope someone can help...thankyou


I suggest you read through some articles/threads about particular diets.

Carbs Cycling Experience

My Experience On The Anabolic Diet II
(Run a search and you'll find the first AD thread too)

Rapid Fat Loss vs V-Diet

These three will probably contain enough information to keep you going for a while.
There are mentions of many many more diets that you will stumble across while going through these threads.

Short of planning your diet for you, I don't think there's much that can be said - you're just gonna have to suck it up and learn like the rest of us.


wow, great idea, direct someone who's asking if carrots are a good "fat loss food" to a thread about cyclical ketogenic diets. perhaps while you're at it you could direct a 130 lb teenager to a thread on DoggCrapp training.

listen OP: before you do anything else, you need to educate yourself on the basics of nutrition. This means things like "how many calories should I be eating" "what are good sources of protein/carbs/fat" and "what constitutes a well balanced diet"

save all the other shit for later, after repeating the basics for a few years.


If you are cutting and eating a bunch of meals, trying to get a little dairy in at least some of them, and some fruit or berries with every meal, along with the standard fibrous vegetables and protein/fat, is probably a good idea. A piece of fruit or say 300g of berries is usually good for me personally, at least when errring towards lower CHO inake


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