Fat Loss Expectations

I am wondering what is a reasonable expectation for a rate of fat loss to go from 15% down to 10%.

When I first started on my fat loss program, I started at 26% bf, I was able to easily lose 1# of fat a week. I am now around 15% and my fat loss has dropped to 1/3-1/2# a week. I imagine that as my body fat drops, it will become progressively harder to lose more fat.

What are your thoughts; should I do more to get my fat loss back to 1# per week, or is 1/2-1/3# a week reasonable for where I am at?

I am 5’11" and 192#
My diet at present:
2400 cals
89g fats
80g carbs-fiber
315g protein
I eat 6 meals a day and avoid any carbs before bed.

Thank you,