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Fat Loss During Muscle Gain

im 16 years old. 5’11, 185 pounds, around 15% bf. I play basketball and am currently using Defranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastards. I have a well planned diet and eat around 2,500 calories a day with about 170 grams of protein, 270g carbs, and 60g fat.

Best Lifts
deadlift 320/8
squat 280/5
bench 190/4 (bum shoulder)

At my age is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time if I’m eating right? And should i be eating more?

Trial and error. My first GUESS would be that your eating too few calories, but like I said its a guess. Monitor your progress at your current intake and then adjust. Depending on how much basketball you play, you’re probably burning alot of calories daily. Anything is possible, but don’t expect it.

At your age why are you even in such a rush to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. Take it easy and stick to one goal or just eat right all the time and most of the time you should gain muscle and lose fat as well.

You’re pretty damn strong. I would definitely eat more and try to get as much muscle on my frame as possible, atleast 3000 calories a day, maybe 3500. After you’ve done this and are happy with the gains, cut your calories back down and lose the fat.