Fat Loss Diet Plan?

Hi guys,

Little bit of info about myself before I ask my questions.
I’m 24
Been lifting for about 3 years now
I have been diagnosed with low T (was not self diagnosed), So am on TRT and off and on blasting.
I’m 5’9 in height, 82kg
I’d like to say I am around 12% body fat, Visable abs, Good veins in arms/chest etc.

Ok, I don’t want to hire a online PT because personally I don’t believe in half the things they say, have tried before and it all seems like they don’t really care.
My macros used to be:
2200 calories:
180-200g protien
150-220g carbs
60-90g fats

I’m trying to get that absolutely shredding look but without compromising too much muscle loss. I want to be 80kg as I feel that is a good weight for my height when shredded.
I’m trying carb cycling currently, Which i dont really understand but, none the less still trying.
Currently: 1700-2400 calories per day
180-200g protien
50-200g carbs
60-90g fats

Is this a viable option for getting shredded? All my foods are good, Lots of veggies and chicken breast etc. I don’t do much cardio currently, Do you think I should be eating more than 1700 on some days?

Just looking for a rough plan from some exerienced individuals.


you just want to lose 2 kilos/4-5 lb??s -you should only need a few tweaks not drastic cut. Just push it on cardio/hill sprints/train a bit harder!
As you’re ‘blasting’/basically on steroids Run through tough programs like 6 day template below…

or this guys stuff:

How have you ended up on TRT age 24?

Thank you for that I’ll watch the video now!
When you say drastic changes, Do you think 1700 is too low + super low carbs that day?

I don’t know personally. I can only speculate.

From ages to 18-21, I drank heavily, Not addicted but had atleast 5 cans a night. Sad life I know. Also from ages 12-21 I spent all day every day playing games and not really socialising. I can’t say this is the reason but studies have shown that men being born today have significantly lower test than 50 years ago. I can only assume it’s down to games. But thats just my take on it.

Yes 1700 far too low for an active male. If you are training really hard 2400 is a bit low, even.
Also on days you go very low carb up your good fats

You’re basically same height and weight as me. What sort of carb cycling are you doing? (There is plenty of variations out there).

  1. What do you currently look like physique wise eg photo (easier to assess that just a bf% number)

  2. Are you aiming to maintain this look “all the time” or just for a bit?

  3. How do you train and do you care about performance?

It’ll also depend on what you consider being “absolutely shredded”. As bodybuilding shredded is next level, vs say athlete shredded

Hello! Proper nutrition, lots of activity, and sports are what will help get your body back into shape. I don’t look at weight anymore, for now, I look at body volume. There is a lot of good advice!