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Fat Loss Diet For Shift Worker

G’day all. Im looking the shred soon, but i work 5 days a week in one job & then Fri & Sat nights bouncing. Im thinking the V-diet, but having a solid meal before each of the night shifts, Ive got to stay sharp in my job. Any thoughts?

You don’t need a solid meal to be “sharp”.

ive read how flat & shit people feel on the v-diet, especially the first few days, im thinking the solid meal would help relieve that

A single meal will likely not help, and only throw off the diet. The only way to feel less tired is at the end of the diet to go back to regular eating.

Just my $0.02. It may help you, at least mentally anyway. But it would have to be quite a carb up to make any difference, which would be completely against the diet rules.