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Fat Loss Cycle

I am a 34 year old male.I currently weigh
240lbs at a height of 5’5.I am quite a bit
overfat.I have no problem gaining mass and
strength.I do however have a problem with
fat loss.
I have been recently told by my doctor that
I need to lose at least 40lbs.In addition to
my doctors advice I have another source of
motivation.I have a wealthy aunt who has been
gracious enough to offer me 1000$ to lose the
I have purchased MD6,T2(last two bottles at
the store),glucophage,MMX4 and Surge.Anybody
have any ideas as to how to put together a
good fat loss cycle with these products.I am
familiar with ost of the basics,but if anyone
has any tricks or tips to offer I would be
very thankful.


‘Fat Fast’ John! And ask your Aunt if she’ll go double or quits if you can do it in 28 days!

Having just dropped 17 pounds of fat myself to come down to 12% BF from 22% in 8 weeks, I would suggest that you stick to the basics and save your MD6 and T2 for the last 10-20 pounds of fat. Definitely use Surge to keep up the muscle mass. Total caloric intake and macro nutrient breakdown are the most important. You can choose any of the diets profiled in the Diet Manifesto or just make sure your protein intake is 1g/lb BW and calories per day is 10-12X BW (as a guide only) it will still work. Its more a mental game as the fat will not come off fast enough. You will always want to be buff yesterday! That was how it is with me. Be persistent and consistent. I’ll be starting my MD6 and T2 stack next week to get me to single digit BF. You can do it, and then you’ll have that $1000 to take the many vixens that will be throwing themselves at you out to dinner. They won’t just be attracted to your new body, they know that you are a man who is in control of his mind, body and destiny, and you can achieve anything.

Thanks for the info.I have given serious
consideration to the Fat Fast diet as well
as a few other ketogenic style diets.I eat
an enormous amount of red meat any way.I am
also a big fan of eggs.My brother raises his
own chickens(redneck)so I have a never ending supply of eggs.
I also have been stockpiling a huge supply of MRP;s.I have standard MET-RX as well as MET-RX
PRO-50 and GROW.T2 is being yanked so I will be
holding that till the end of the cycle.I plan to purchase the new formula when it comes out.
Since today is the first day of fall I will
begin the plan today.I will post regular updates here.
Any and all advice is still welcome.


Unless you change your dietary habits, why would you want to break even? That is, spend $1000 on SUPPLEMENTS, (means in addition to, not substitute), only to either fail or just get $1000 back. In all seriousness, just make your mind up and do it. GOYA. Its an acronym for get off your ass.
best of luck in making this life change. Its not a diet, remember, its not a routine, its a life change that you must make not temp, but perm.
You are not undertaking anything that hasn’t been done. You don’t need the best solution, rather you need effort and understanding. What works, do it, what doesn’t, don’t.

Here’s to your success!, (toasting with a glass of water in between bites of cottage cheese with pineapple chunks)

I’m not an expert but I think I can offer you a sensible approach to using those products.
-Cycle MD2 two weeks on, two weeks off
-Use T2 the two weeks when you are off MD6
-Glucophage is best taken when you are bulking or trying to enter ketosis; however, take it normally - 1 after waking and 1 at night with food.
-I am not familiar with MMX4, but I know it’s made by Syntrax
-I’d also use Tribex 3 weeks and one off. I love the stuff when I can afford it.

John, congratulations on your initiative to lose fat. Although MD6 and T2 are fantastic products, as you have been told before by the above thread, it’s the diet that is so important!! But don’t forget about the workout either. Now, I believe if you want to shed that fat off healthily, quickly, and increase your conditioning and muscle mass, you should try a routine by Coach John Davies. They are unbelievable and will get you into super shape. The German Body Comp program outlined here on T-Mag is also fantastic. Good luck and keep us posted!