Fat Loss Conditioning

I have come off a cycle of 531 and haven’t time to get into the gym more than 3 times, in fact I’d say I can commit to twice a week in the gym and then I do box/m arts as well. I have been alternating Hill sprints and then Kettlebell workouts the last two weeks and feel fresh and have seen body fat reduction as well.

In terms of fat loss being the goal would it be feasible to do just fat loss conditioning for a period to reduce body fat and improve conditioning before going onto another lifting program. In terms of lifting programs which ones are best for staying lean?

No. Just no.

Read the articles. That has been answered so many times.


There is a two days template for 5/3/1

Will do

I don’t think there is anything wrong with not lifting for a few months. You may not even lose any strength. I stopped lifting for 3 months at the beginning of the year and just did short sprints (10-30m), med ball throws, jumps and a body weight circuit. When I started lifting again my lifts felt smoother and I didn’t lose any strength.
My upper back also go huge from all the chins and push-ups I was doing. I look, move and feel more athletic.

I’m not saying to stop lifting weights. But if you replace lifting with something that is an equal to greater stimulus I don’t see how not lifting will hurt you.