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Fat Loss Conditioning Routine?

Gender: Male
Age: 20 y/o
Weight: 89kg
Bodyfat: 20 to 25%

Workout Routine (3 times a week)
Bands Squats: 4x10-15
Bands Incline Pushups: 3x10-15
Bands Assisted Pullups: 3x6-12
Bands Negative Pullups: 10x10secs
Bands Overhead Press: 3x10-15
Bands Bentover Rows: 3x10-15
Bands Facepulls: 3x10-15
Bands Bicep Curls: 2x10-15
Bands Tricep Pushdowns: 2x10-15
Crunches/Reverse Crunches: 3x20

This is the workout routine that i finalize. I added this for you guys to know my workload in my program. As you can see from my stats i am overweight. My goal is to have a 2-3 day conditioning routine that i can incorporate in my workout routine. My plan is do the program above MWF then do the conditioning routine TThS for fatloss sadly i only have resistance bands for equipment and a very small apartment. Hopefully someone can guide me to have a good conditioning routine. Thank you everyone and Godbless.

If you’ve got no kit & you’re in an apartment I’d suggest you do burpees, lots of burpees. Choose a target number & then do it as fast as you can, or pick a time & do as many as you can; next session try to beat it. Rinse & repeat.

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Go for a walk, it’ll burn tons of calories and track what you eat. Shoot to go for a 30 to 60 minute walk a day 6 days a week.

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If your bodyfat % is in the 20-25 range you’ve got a fair amount of fat mass to lose and you probably need to work on it more than 3 days per week. I’d suggest 3 days per week walking/hiking 30-90 minutes and 3 days per week HIIT training. Your diet is going to have a huge effect on your success. Good luck!