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Fat Loss / Body Recomposition Plan

Hey Chris

1- How many calories per lb do you recommend?

2- what macro percentages?

3- do you recommend carbs pre- energy system workouts?

4- can you repeat the 12 week plan if I still have fat to lose

I don’t work like that. I have a client keep a very precise food journal (foods, amount, time of the meals, etc.) for 7 days, ideally 14, I also have them weight themselves every morning. Then I calculate their daily caloric and nutrients intake and based on their weight evolution this allows me to evaluate what their maintenance intake is. Then depending on the goal I can choose how many calories to give them.

Always different from person to person. Some people do great on low carbs/higher fat, others to a more mixed approach, some do well on 2-3 days low carbs/1 day with carbs, etc. I don’t have ONE dietary approch. I fit the diet to the persons’ profile

For the program, yes… but after 12 weeks of caloric restriction you might need 1-2 weeks at maintenance or a bit above maintenance

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