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Fat Loss, Bloated Gut


Ok so I have been power lifting/bulking for the 3 years that I have been lifting. I would eat around 5000 calories of whatever I wanted every day and I was growing and growing. I also looked pretty good; however, after going through withdrawal off of benzodiazapines I havent been going to the gym as often and gained a lot of weight.

I used to weigh 160 and was bulky and strong, now i weigh 215. I have this thing were I get obsessed with eating and think that if im not constantly eating when lifting then I will loose everything. I want to try a new approach now. I want to start bodybuilding and loosing fat, but whenever I go to the gym and I start to eat I bloat and get this huge gut. Should I do cardio and bodybuilding? I dont know how to loose fat and build muscle.


It probably isn’t the training as much as what you are shoving in your mouth. You probably need to start keeping track of what you eat. Also, maintain some reasonable expectations when it comes to losing fat and gaining muscle.

Grammar police note:

loose = the opposite of tight
lose = opposite of gain


I’ve had success with very basic carb cycling: carbs on days I train, no carbs on days I don’t. Aim for at least 1 g protein per pound of bodyweight per day, preferably 1.5 g.

Don’t eat fast food and don’t eat sweets.

Lift heavy on the big lifts, and go for high reps on the assistance for the pump. You’ll get stronger and you’ll get the muscle, plus the overall volume and effort will help get rid of the fat.

If you can, go for walks every rest day, so two to four days a week.


So what if I were to train five times a week? Would I carb up those five days or watch how many carbs I ingest?


[quote]jpd2678 wrote:
So what if I were to train five times a week? Would I carb up those five days or watch how many carbs I ingest?[/quote]

I understand that a good way to manage that schedule is to have two or three ‘heavy’ training days (for argument’s sake let’s call them squat, bench and deadlift days or legs, chest and back days) where you eat high carb; then two ‘light’ training days (accessory days or an arm and a shoulder day or something) where you eat medium carbs; and low carb on rest days.


If your goal is strength related, try to improve your wilks score.