Fat loss and strength gain

Can one lose fat and gain strength at the same time? Note that i said strength gain and not mass gain. I am looking to increase strength by neurological means and try to retain as much mass as possible. I have t-3 and finaplex at my disposal as well.

I am no expert on dieting, but it seems to me, that if you are on a diet, and you limited your excercises (like to just bench, squat and and maybe DL and/or maybe one more), and if you primarily did maximal work ala westside, and dynamic/ ballistic work also ala westside, you could increase intra and intermuscular stength. The problem is you might lose some muscle mass… The tren SHOULD help with that but i dont really know… if you are on a keto diet, try serrano’s suggestion of taking a ton of glutamine before you workout, it converts easily to glucose for energy, and if you are doing maximal/ballisti lifts w/ minimum sets the last thing you want is to be sluggish.