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Fat Loss and Proper Supps.

Hi, I’m fairly new to the site, let me start by saying this is undoubtedly the most intelligent bodybuilding site I’ve ever been to. I was so releaved to finally find a site that’s more set on helping others rather than flaming them. End with my praise…

The question or dilema I have, it’s a little of both, is with my current progress of fat loss. I’ve recently had ACL and MCL reconstruction to my left knee, which led to a long lay off of cardio and proper dieting. Which ultimately led to my weight balloning from 215 to 235-240. I’m just now getting back into the swing of things by getting back into my diet and proper physical activity. Actually it’s been about 1.5 months and I’ve managed to get down to 225-230.

Since I’m a competitive soccer goalkeeper I’m in desperate need to regain my original game weight of 215. I only have until late August to get there, that’s when my tryouts are for my new team.

Here is a list of things I’ve been doing lately…

  1. Very clean diet of 2500 cals.
  2. Weight Train 3 days with an Upper/Lower split.
  3. Soccer Practice 4 times per week.
  4. Tennis at least 2 times per week.

With all this it seems that I’m stuck at my current weight. I originally contemplated taking HOT-ROX Extreme, but since it has Carbolin 19 I opted against.(I’m 19 yrs old.) I’ve read about other Fat loss supps, but still none seem to boast what this new product can.(Maintaing mass so well, yet still reducing fat %) Does anyone have any other thoughts as to what supps I should use to maintain my current muscle and still drop my fat %?

Being a goalkeeper it is crucial that I lose this fat asap, and still have a big body to move around inside my goalkeeper box. Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. I appologize in advance if this seems a bit spacy and vague, it is very late where I am, and I had a long day.

P.S. other crucial things you might want to know.
I’m 6’3"
Use protein shakes, and multis only at the moment.
I need to have a very strong fast twich muscle store, so aerobic cardio is out of the question.

And yes I’ve done research on the site, but I am new to the supplement game and it’s a lot to take in. If these are basic questions that are asked again and again I apologize, just point me in the right direction.

try eating a bit more, or cutting down a bit on all that training, you grow/loose outside of training/the gym. also only 2400 or whatever it was a day when your doing weights, then practice, and im assuming you work… and some days even tennis too… start uping your calories a few hundred a week if you dont want to drop off your activity levels and monitor if you drop any fat

I don’t think you need to up your calories very much. Maybe just slightly. Normally, I would recommend it. But you don’t have a lot of time, and you are probably consuming at least as much as you would on the velocity diet. You will not suffer any longterm damage from this level of calories. You can take Carbolin 19 at your age. I would recommend the HOT-ROX Extreme. But you are doing a lot of activity and burning a lot of calories. Don’t skimp on carbs but focus them around your workouts.

Do you need to be doing all that activity? What are you training for? If you’re training for soccer, I wouldn’t be playing tennis right now. It’s hard to estimate proper caloric intake for fat loss when you’re very active beyond the weightroom. Hmm…

Thanks for the Adivice so far, guys.

I’m training for tryouts for a college team I’m about to go out for. It isn’t D1NCAA, but very competitive none the less. I do the tennis, because after my surgery I found that I lost a lot of the quickness I originally had, so tennis is aiming at helping me with that.

What I’m getting from the advice so far is…
Rest a bit more so I can recover.
Up my calories only slightly.
Supplement with HOT-ROX Extreme.

I also do use carbs and protein after I workout. And my meals are largest PWO. Once I start to take HOT-ROX Extreme should I have the Low-Carb Metabolic Drive and just consume the carbs elsewhere?