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Fat Loss and Exercise Not Related


WTF m8's?



I don't know, the only type of exercise that seems to be examined in relation to weight loss/fat loss/body composition changes is steady-state cardio at a high percentage of one's VO2 max (ie marathon training). I don't think anybody who visits this forum believes that is an effective method for a phisique transformation.



There are some good points raised in other pages of the article, but I didn't see any specific references to weight training. We know that muscle burns more calories [than fat] at rest, and you aren't exactly going to be adding muscle when running long marathons.

The bit about the Danish doing an 18 month study, where the males participants only lost 5lbs in the entire period - is based on running long distances, no weight training involved.


The facts in the article state that exercise plus proper diet = fat loss.

The rest of the article was sensationalistic.

Of course if you exercise and eat like shit you won't have a great physique. Nothing new here, just crappy reporting.


America Land of the Excuses.


So you can't outtrain a bad diet ? wow. who would've thought that. now it all starts to make sense.

In related news, the earth is not flat. ~.~