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Fat Loss and Creatine???


This might be a stupid question. But i was wondering how creatine affects fat loss. Would i see improvements in fat loss because of the extra energy i had while excercising? Or would water retention hide some of fat i was losing? I am looking to lose about 12lbs of fat while maintanig muscle mass.

I have taken creatine before when bulking and it helped with muscle gain extremely well. Any input would be appreciated.


I have heard the opposite. What was this animal group eating?


These are interesting studies - certainly not conclusive as neither study shows what happens with energy restriction - but interesting nontheless.


Not that I have any facts to back it up... but I agree with your reasoning. More work capacity, if you use it, would equal more fat burning. I could be totally wrong, but I dont' think creatine increases subcutaneous water.

I know I've personally hit 4.7% bodyfat while on creatine.


Hmmm...I'm not so sure if creatine will help with fat loss, muscle gain, bigger penis, etc., but it makes you smarter.

Creatine Makes You Think More Gooder

Sleep deprivation is known to negatively effect cognitive and psychomotor performance and mood state, but did you know these effects are due in part to decreased creatine levels in the brain? A recent double-blind study showed that sleep-deprived creatine users demonstrated significantly less deterioration in performance on the tests, leading researchers to conclude supplementing with creatine "had a positive effect on mood state and tasks that place a heavy stress on the prefrontal cortex."


I agree that, if anything, it's a tool while losing fat. I do think that it increases subcutaneous water. But that doesn't mean its use should be discontinued except for perhaps the last 2-3 weeks before something you want to be very lean for. I also use it when dieting.


Agree I think its even better when losing weight. Mainly for those who limit carbs. Keeping those muscles better hydrated, that extra fuel to keep work intensity high etc..


This one hits home for me. The few times in my life that I've been Calorie restricted I find that my epi levels go through the roof and I can never sleep (okay more than a few times, but I added that for effect). Enhanced mental performance in a sleep deprived state is one effect that can certainly help.


I'm losing weight at 1-2lbs/week right now and I'm using creatine at 3-5g/day for 5 days out of the week.

I think it keeps strength up and that helps with motivation and with the workout 'intensity'


Thanks for the input guys. I thinks that i will implement creatine into my fat loss routine. Hopefully it will help with my goals, which i am sure it will.