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Fat Loss and Calorie Deficits

Hi CT , so i am currently on a sprint fat loss and i am at the door of bodyfat levels that i had never reached before but i started to notice that 3 weeks ago with a 7000calorie weekly deficit id lose over 1 percent bodyfat but now even with over 8000 weekly deficit it is only 0.5 percent . i that normal or should i slowdown a bit to avoid muscle loss.

A fat loss sprint is no longer than around 5 weeks. So I assume that it’s been close to that. It will be the time to eat at maintenance for 1-2 weeks

What’s the typical fat loss per week on a sprint? I believe in an article you suggested it was more than 2 lbs, but is it 2.5, 3, 4, etc?

It depends on the person. If someone has tons of fat and inflamed fat cells there will be a much larger weight drop than if you are fairly lean to start with.

thanks coach always helpful =D