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Fat Loss After The Power Look Program?


Hi coach.i’m in the last couple of weeks in the powerlook programm.it’s great,i thanki verymuch.now i would like to go on a fatloss programm.i was thinking on going to your 6 week to superhero programm.could i ask you if i should take let us say a week of before i start the programm.and would it be wise to start a fatloss programm immediately after a strenght programm…thanks very much coach.


6 weeks to Superhero is a very demanding program for the nervous system And while it should get someone leaner it is designed to improve strength and power more than stimulate fat loss. If you do that program on a caloric deficit (to lose fat) you will likely crash. “Athlete lean, Athlete strong” would be a better choice.


Thanks very much coach


Sorry for askinh again…in your athlete lean athlete strong programm,do i have to first do all sets of for example exercise a before going for the sets of exercise b, and c and so on.or i have to do one set for each and jump from exercise to another.


If there is only a letter (A, B, C) you do all the sets of one exercise before moving on to the next. If there is a letter and numbers (A1, A2, etc.) you do one set of each


Thanks again coach.i appreciate