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Fat Loss Advice Needed


Just read your post. Sorry such a late welcome :hugs:


Quick update - so this week I upped my carbs to around 150g and I have come off the progesterone pill - probably should have done these 2 things separately to see which one had the bigger effect - but I feel loads better already!
Sleeping better, less tired during the days, looking better and performing better in the gym. I also haven’t gained any weight. Feeling more and more hungry for extra carbs though!


Pictures I know would help a lot, but I just don’t have that kind of confidence yet.
Not sure why natural woman was used with inverted commas :confused:


I had pics up and took down. To put your body out there takes some “balls”. They are helpful for getting advice because tnation has members that can honestly say what you should work on. Numbers are numbers…we don’t know your bone structure or anything. Some women look fantabulous at certain weights while others do not. But block out your head…it makes me feel more emotionally detached…happy lifting🤗


Well, I don´t speak English too well, just thought i put it that way, no reason, other than my ignorance…

Post the pics!

All the best,


Checked body fat today. Down to 17.46%.
Lowest I have ever been :smiley:
Same overall weight.
Will do it again in 2-3 weeks after having been on the higher carbs for a while