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Fat Loss Advice? Meal Prep, Counting Calories, Cardio

With a beginner I’m thinking at the fat loss part.
I’ve never counted my calories. My eating strategy was eating no crap and until last year this seamed to be a good idea and it was working! But something changed. I wasn’t burning as many calories as before and I was slowly putting on fat. And it all accumulated when I injured my leg 4 months ago so I couldn’t train for a month and I still haven’t recovered completely. I’m still training my upper body and I do some work for the legs but mostly body weight. For cardio I’m using a stationary bike, and usually do som short intervals after each strength session. I’m doing a push/pull with 1 rest day before I go at it again.
I’m 24 now and been lifting since I was 16. I’m 95 kg at 187 cm. I used a body fat calculator where I used these measurements: neck 40
Waist 88 and hip 96. And it said I’m at
15 % -ish. I have a six-pack, but if the trend I’m on now continues I’m gonna become fat and I want to turn that trend with a lasting compromise. I don’t want to count my calories for the rest of my life, but I wanna maintain a 10-12% body fat out my twenties at least. In conclusion I want to know what your experience are with counting calories. How much time are you using each week on making food and counting your calories?
What do you do to maintain the body fat percentage you are on? Do you need to count to maintain?
could I just add 30 mins of low intensity biking 3 times a week before breakfast and maybe get the same benefits?
**Could you recommend a eating plan or a article or site who explains how to count calories for dummy’s? **

I know the fat calculator isn’t 100% accurate and especially not my English! Hope you have some tips, and thank you for your time. Have a good day!

my right leg is small because of the injury

Post a picture.

Just did.

MyFitnessPal is your friend