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Fat Los & Calories In Vs Out


Is there an article that explains my question?

Basically, we all know that Calories In < Calories Out, will lead to loss

so does that mean that if you take enough fats, protein, vitamins etc. etc. etc.

then to acheive maximum/fastest fat loss, you would go for the biggest calorie deficiency possible?

The only reason I ask is, that I am trying to get my bodyfat down, I feel that my 30mins cardio (treadmill fast walking pace) x 6 per week on top of my training on top of a quite a calorie deficient diet may be too much or might hinder other aspects of my health/muscle.

On top of that, my veg intake is quite high, but my breads/rice/pasta etc. in take is quite low, maybe 1-2 portions per week, excluding cheat meal



Many suggest before restricting calories, you "up" activity. Personally, depending on how "fat" you are, i think cardio 6x a week would be a bit much, IF in fact you are training intensely. When in a calorie deficit, it is hard enough to take your ass to the gym, let alone add in 6 sessions of cardio. Psychologically draining. Calorie-in Calorie-out is the gist of weight loss, but if you start reading, it becomes quite complicated. Consuming too few of calories for extended periods of time will destroy your metabolism, which in turn could cause weight gain in the long run. I'd highly suggest reading through the article ive posted (through the link) as well as the other articles that Dr. Berardi has posted on that same page.

personally.. I tried huge calorie deficits, 1400kcal per day, (maintenance is like 3400kcal) only to find that deficit leads to binges, which destroyed my physique. finding a "diet" that you can adhere to day-in & day-out for weeks (maybe months) as a time is key. People whom lose weight quickly through radical diets can not maintain, and end up gaining it all back.

READ, READ, IMPLEMENT, TRAIN. good luck buddy

*** I personally have become a HUGE fan of IF (intermittent fasting). I'd suggest looking up Martin Berkhan, or site searching "intermittent fasting" here. has done wonders for me :slightly_smiling:


Think of it as Alice in Wonderland...

Cut calories too low, and you slow your metabolism and lose muscle.

Don't cut them enough and you lose fat very slowly or not at all.

Balance that shit out and find the sweet spot.


Well said Maximus